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How to Become a Practitioner

As a Facial Harmony Practitioner you always have your tools with you, wherever you are. You can give Facial Harmony sessions in a professional studio or using someone's dining table (this has occurred many times in my life). You can treat people who you share no language with because love is an international language. Facial Harmony can become your main source of income, an extra service you offer or simply a tool to support friends and family in difficult times. My pixies (this is what we lovingly call everyone who studies Facial Harmony) often tell me they helped a student through their exams with Facial Harmony. 
Facial Harmony in its complete form consists of 7 consecutive sessions that build upon one another. Being able to give these 7 sessions requires taking three classes: Balancing, Heart Connection and Facial Harmony. The wonderful thing, is that you can begin giving individual sessions after having taken just the first course of the series: Balancing. 
In this article, you can read all about the three classes.

Facial Harmony Balancing

The Introductory Course (4 days, €980)

In this course, you learn how to sense the meridians, you learn the softness of the method and how to tenderly tune in with your clients in order to make room for the process to unfold.You also get to know the energy system of the body and learn how you can bring it back to balance through this treatment. 

Apart from the practical approach, you also learn how to prepare a session and communicate with your clients in order to create a safe space to land. 

The focus in this introductory course is your own inner work. Only by seeing and accepting yourself, you are able to see and accept others. That is what constitutes the true quality of Facial Harmony. 

This course and any course in this series means time for yourself. As you get in touch with yourself and learn new skills, the rhythm of life slows down for you. You unplug from the every day races and allow yourself to just be there. That is why it is important that you make room for Facial Harmony in your calendar. Other than that, there are no pre-requisites.

After the Facial Harmony Balancing course, you will receive an original certificate and will be able to give an excellent session of Facial Harmony Balancing, reducing the physical, mental and emotional stress and leaving your client in a condition of inner peace.

Facial Harmony Heart Connection

The Key to Love (2 ½ days, €450)

In this course you will learn to know the protective layers you have been collecting during your life, how they keep you away from your heart and how to let go off them. Our true nature longs for a life of joy, love and truth. But constant fears amplified even more by our self judgment, restrict us. Knowing and learning the key to your heart will liberate your true self of comparison, criticism and false opinions.

Facial Harmony

Completion (6 days, €1.080 Euros)

During this six day course you will get acquainted with the anatomy of the head and the main muscles and you will learn how to relax the features of the face in the six remaining sessions of a complete treatment. Another aspect of the seminar is the confrontation with the masks that every person uses. You will discover what keeps them in place and what they try to cover.
Prerequisite: Balancing and Heart Connection

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